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Meet the Staff

Headteacher: Mrs J. Poole

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs S. Durant

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs K. Halpin


Business Manager: Mrs S. Tynan

PA to the Headteacher: Mrs H. Grosvenor


Office Manager: Mrs J. Myatt

Supported by: Mrs T. Clelland, Mrs G. Helliwell

IT Techcician: Mr M. Welsh 


Special Needs Coordinator: Mrs K. Halpin

Inclusion Mentors: Mrs G Crowther, Mr J Bray


Site Staff

Site Manager: Mr S. Crowther

Assistant Site Manager: Mr D. Stack


Cleaner in charge: Mrs J. Pittam

Miss S. Womersley

Miss C. Horner

Mrs A. McGowan

Miss E. Tynan

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs S. Farman

Mrs J. Frith

Mrs M. Gibson

Miss C. Johnson

Mrs S. Kauser

Mrs H. Mistry

Miss J. Ingham

Mrs E. Garnett-Jowett

Mrs N. Caraianu

Miss S. Womersley

Mr J. Rhodes

Miss J. Davies

Mrs J. Stead

Mrs P. McAndrew

Mrs S. Taylor

Mrs E. Halliday

Mrs F. McGrath

Mrs T. Shah


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Cover Supervisors

Mrs E. Garnett-Jowett

Mrs A. Mehmood

Nursery (Ladybird/Butterfly/Caterpillar class)

Mrs H. Kemple - Nursery Teacher

Mrs A. Cutter - Nursery Nurse 

Supported by: Miss C. Schofield

Reception (Squirrel & Rabbit class)

Ms T. Peace - Class Teacher (Squirrel)

Miss C. Green - Class Teacher (Rabbit)
Mrs S. Usman - Class Teacher (Rabbit)

Supported by: Mrs J. Taylor, Ms C. Snowden, Miss Kelly, Miss Hayton, Mrs Brook

Year 1 (Hedgehog & Fox class)

Ms K. Clarke - Class Teacher (Hedgehog)

Miss V Bottomley - Class Teacher (Hedgehog)

Mrs G. Schofield - Class Teacher (Fox)

Supported by: Mrs J. Halliday, Mrs C. Demir, Miss Johnson

Year 2 (Badger & Deer class)

Mrs Y. Khan - Class Teacher (Deer)

Miss S. Harper - Class Teacher (Deer)

Mrs S. Usman - Class Teacher (Deer)

Miss S Ahmed - Class Teacher (Badger)

Supported by: Mrs Watmough, Mrs S Taylor, Mrs E Halliday, Mrs Davis, Mrs Ingham, Mr Rhodes

Year 3 (Owl & Dove class)

Miss K. Walker - Class Teacher (Owl)

Mr S. Parsons - Class Teacher (Dove)

Supported by: Miss Drummond, Mrs McAndrew, Mr Rhodes, Mrs Brook, Miss Noon

Year 4 (Wren & Kite class)

Mrs I. Bojczuk - Class Teacher (Kite)

Miss A. Snowden - Class Teacher (Wren)

Supported by:  Miss D. Bannister, Mrs Stead, Mrs Wilde, Miss Bottomley

Year 5 (Kestrel & Starling class)

Mrs Wooler - Class Teacher (Kestrel)

Mrs J. Jones - Class Teacher (Kestrel)

Miss Barrans - Class Teacher (Starling)

Supported by:  Mrs Prendergast, Miss Noon, Miss Cavanagh

Year 6 (Kingfisher & Nightingale class)

Mrs A. Lee - Class Teacher (Kingfisher)

Mrs Whitehead - Class Teacher (Nightingale)

Mr E. Davis - Intervention Support

Supported by: Mrs Field, Mrs Calvert, Miss Womersley

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