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Welcome to our school website - if you have any questions please call our friendly office team who will be happy to help Welcome to our school website - if you have any questions please call our friendly office team who will be happy to help Welcome to our school website - if you have any questions please call our friendly office team who will be happy to help Welcome to our school website - if you have any questions please call our friendly office team who will be happy to help


A very warm welcome to Home Farm Primary and our school website.

Home Farm Primary School is a two form entry primary school with a nursery. We pride ourselves on our caring and friendly atmosphere. Our school is a happy place, where children learn in a supportive atmosphere and all members of the community respect one another. We have high expectations for learning and behaviour. We encourage our children to aim high.

We are a central part of the community we serve. We love our diverse nature and enjoy celebrating the differences and the many things we share in common with everyone in our community.

We welcome visits to the school from prospective parents, applicants for jobs and others who have a professional interest in the work we do - we are always proud of what we have to show when people come to visit. Our visitors are always impressed with what they see.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Joanne Poole


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 Bradford’s local offer webpages provides useful information for parents  and can be found https://localoffer.bradford.gov.uk/news

Nursery Places 2021 -2022


Are you needing a fully funded free full or part- time place for your nursery child?

We have fully funded and free, full or part- time places for 3 and 4 year old nursery children for this school year and next, so please sign up early to avoid any dissapointment. 

If you would like more information, please see the selection of photographs below from our nursery and whole school library, visit the school nursery handbook on this website or call the office on 01274 777020 to arrange a telephone call tour of the school. 

If you require a free full-time place you can visit:


to see if you qualify. 

Anything you need, please just call and we will be happy to help in any way we can. 


School News Feed
  • Important
    1 November 2021
    Illegal Parking
    Due to further complaints this afternoon can we remind all parents to adhere to the parking restrictions on Home Farm Close and Cooper Lane. These restrictions are in place for the safety of our children. Reversing and turning in the drive above the gates is a danger to our children. We will continue to work with the traffic warden and report concerns. We often get a better response when our parents also report to them. Their number is 01274 431000 Option 8.
  • Important
    22 October 2021
    Happy Half- term, Home Farm!
    Wishing you all a very happy and safe half-term holiday. Thank you to all parents for your ongoing support of our very special school. School reopens on Monday 1 November and I'll be at the bottom of the drive waiting for you all! Take care everyone Mrs Poole
  • General
    15 October 2021
    'Squid Game’ Trending across Platforms: What Parents Need to Know
    'Squid Game’ Trending across Platforms: What Parents Need to Know At Home Farm we have already experienced children discussing the show and the games played within it. So we wanted to share information with parents about the potential risks surrounding the recent Netflix programme. The following information had been taken from https://nationalonlinesafety.com/ What is Squid Game? Netflix’s Squid Game is set to become the streaming service’s most successful show of all time, with huge numbers of viewers taking to social media to discuss each new episode. The South Korean thriller features some scenes of fairly brutal violence and is rated 15 by the BBFC. It follows a group of adults who compete to win innocent-looking playground games, but who are killed if they do not succeed at the tasks. An unexpected success in terms of viewing figures, Squid Game’s popularity is beginning to spread across various online platforms. There has been a slew of content created – ranging from memes to apps – that convey the violence of the show, so it is important for parents, carers and educators to understand the basis of Squid Game and the potential risks to young people who might be exposed to it. What are the hazards for children? Squid Game’s 15 rating has not prevented clips and images from the show being uploaded onto social media sites such as TikTok, with the #SquidGame hashtag being viewed more than 22.8 billion times. There have been reports of children who have accounts on these platforms inadvertently viewing gory, explicit scenes from the programme, and parents and carers should be mindful of the prevalence of these uploads. The popularity of the programme has also led to online challenges based on various scenes, which see people taking part in seemingly innocent children’s games. On the show, however, characters are executed if they fail in the game – and videos of people pretending to kill each other after competing in Squid Game-style contests are going viral on social media, where they are easily accessible to children. What is the Squid Game Challenge app? Squid Game Challenge (also known as K-Game Challenge) is an app for smartphones and tablets that has been released for Android and iOs, and the two systems differ significantly on their age ratings for the game. The iTunes Store rates the app as 12+ (advising of “mild/infrequent horror/fear themes”), while the PEGI rating for Android is just 3+, which means that very young children might be able to download and play the game even with parental controls activated on their device or through Google Play. The gameplay is frequently interrupted by pop-ups and ads (sometimes appearing while the user is rapidly tapping their screen while attempting to complete the challenge). This could easily lead to unwanted purchases or accidental visits to inappropriate sites beyond the app. What can trusted adults do? As a parent or carer, keep a watchful eye on the content that your children are viewing. Speak to them openly and chat about how they have been spending time on their devices; let them ask questions, too. Ensure that the parental controls are activated on your child’s device and that age-restricted child profiles are properly set up any on-demand services available through the family TV (such as Netflix, in this case) to prevent inappropriate content being streamed. If you see your child replicating the challenges from the show or hear them talking about scenes and characters from Squid Game, it would be a timely opportunity to discuss with them that the programme is not intended for children, that much of the content would be inappropriate for their age, and that the violence in the series is very realistic and often upsetting. I have attached some helpful parent guides for further information. Thank you for your continued support in keeping all our Home Farm Family Safe online.
  • Important
    6 October 2021
    Mental Health awareness day
    Reminder- Friday is Mental Health Awareness day. Please remember to send your child in bright colours. No donation necessary. Best wishes, Miss Walker
  • Important
    5 October 2021
    School Morning
    Good Morning Please can we remind parents that class doors open at 8:45 and close at 8:55. If your child comes through the school office they will receive a late mark. Thank you for your continued support
  • General
    29 September 2021
    AWARE Parents Information Event
    Please find attached a flyer from AWARE (Airedale and Wharfedale Autism Resource) for their Parent Information Event on Tuesday 9th November. This is an event which can be attended by any parents in the Bradford district who has a child either with a recent Autism diagnosis or on the Autism pathway. The purpose of the event is to inform parents about their own and other organisations who can offer help and support. Parents also have the opportunity to book a telephone consultation with a member of the Communication and Interaction Team for 1:1 advice.
  • Important
    24 September 2021
    Parking on Cooper Lane
    Please could we remind parents to be considerate when parking on Cooper Lane. Today we have received a complaint from a local resident. Her drive way was blocked this morning and she had to wait 25 mins with her new-born baby in the car before gaining access to her property. As a school we will continue to work with traffic wardens, report concerns and fines will be issued by Highways England if required. Please work with us to keep the roads and paths around our school safe for everyone
  • Newsletter
    16 September 2021
    Good afternoon, Please find attached newsletter. If you have any questions please contact the school office who will be happy to assist. Best Wishes
  • Personal
    10 September 2021
    Thank you
    Happy Friday, Home Farm! A huge thank you and well done to all staff, parents and children for making our first week back at Home Farm a great success! A big hello and welcome to our new parents and children who have joined the HF family - I hope you feel at home already!. It has been lovely to see you all again after the summer break and your children have been fabulous at settling so quickly into their new classes, I'm proud of them. The school has been full of laughter and learning this week and I have loved every moment! The school newsletter will be with you next week with our upcoming dates and information for this half term. Thank you for your continued support of our very special school Best wishes Mrs Poole

Our Values

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Upcoming Events

3rd December - Clockmakers Daughter Pantomime - Reception, Y1, Y2, Y3

3rd December - Sleeping Beauty Pantomime Y4,Y5,Y6

8th December - Christmas gift shop

8th December - Christmas Performance – Ladybirds and Caterpillars 9.20

8th December - Christmas Performance – Butterflies and Caterpillars 14.30

9th December - Christmas Performance Reception Squirrels 9.15

9th December - Christmas Performance Reception Rabbits 14.30

10th December - Christmas craft in a bag goes home

13th December - Christmas Performance - Y2 Deer Class 9.15

13th December - Christmas Performance - Y2 Badger 14.30

13th December - Christmas Performance - Y5 Kestrel  10.15

13th December - ~Christmas Perfomance - Y5 Starling 13.30

14th December Nursery ONLY Christmas dinner and non uniform for the children who attend Mon, Tues, Weds am

14th December - Christmas Performance - Y1 Fox 9.15

14th December - Christmas Performance - Y1 Hedgehog 14.30

14th December - Christmas Performance - Y6 Kingfisher 10.15

14th December - Christmas Performance - Y6 Nightingale 13.30

15th December - Christmas Performance Y3 Dove 9.15

15th December - Christmas Performance Owl 14.30

15th December - Christmas Performance Y4 Kite 10.15

15th December - Christmas Performance Y4 Wren 13.30

15th December - Nursery Christmas Parties

15th December - Santa visiting school

16th December - Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper or party clothes

17th December - Christmas parties      R-Y6 and party clothes/non uniform

17th December - Christmas sing along R-Y6

17th December - School closes for Christmas

5th January 2022 - School reopens



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