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Star Learners

Summer 1

20.04.18 Ellenor Taylor - always doing the right thing. Kibriya for being a wonderful partner, great maths work and being a star learner.

Spring 2

29.03.18 Mia for always trying her best. Ethan for his wonderful progress in reading and his beautiful and polite manners.

23.03.18 Shay for her excellent progress in maths.  Hailey for her outstanding maths work and being a wonderful partner.

9.03.18 Dylan for always being a wonderful partner in Maths and his super skills in reasoning and Lexi-Mae for always being a super partner and a great helper in the classroom. Loui for fantastic question 'finding' in maths, great thinking.

23.02.18 Alexander for his fantastic model of a volcano. Aden for his wonderful computer skills and being a great partner.


Spring 1

26.02.18 Samantha for her wonderful writing and her super manners, and Oliver for his super understanding of volcanoes and producing a wonderful model in his homework. Mia for always doing the right thing.

1.02.18 Serena for always producing beautiful work and her super manners.

26.01.18 Mailah for her amazing answers in our entry point and her fantastic score in her reading. Tyler for always having super manners and trying his very best in everything.

19.01.18 Robyn, for her effort in all areas of the curriculum. Lexie M for her super test scores in all maths tests and taking maximum risks as a learner.

12.01.18 Hollie and Cohen- for their amazing partner teaching. All the children in 3B for their wonderful contribution in the Ukrainian & Serbian Assembly about Christmas. A special mention was given to Mia for leading the Assembly and teaching a Serbain dance.

5.01.18 - Amber - for her FANTASTIC start to the year, what a wonderful change. Lily-Mae for ALWAYS bringing sunshine to our class and working very hard.

Autumn 2.

8.12.17 Ellie for her fantastic attitude and effort in everything, and also Jake for his super test results and always being a star learner.

1.12.17 Alfie for being such an excellent teaching partner, and also Taylor for his super work in IPC on bikes and his improved behaviour. 

24.11.17 Bodhi for his excellent use of reporting vocabulary in expanding his planning and Kai for always producing wonderful work and his great acting skills  .

17.11.17 - Lucas for really demonstrating in everything this week's value of mutual respect. Hailey, Oliver, Isabelle & Hollie, a group of excellent potters who made a wonderful coiled clay pot.

10.11.17 - Tayler, for her beautifully detailed design for a new baby card. The star learners were also Daanish for his super reasoning skills in Maths Makes Sense and Katie-May for her greatly improved listening skills and her lovely writing.

3.11.17 - Ellis  for ALWAYS doing the right thing in every area of school life. The star learner was also Holly-Mae for her great French and for always being a star learner.

Autumn 1.

Thank you again for the amount of completed homework this week. 

Our well done for Friday 8th September was Amelia for her wonderful use of story language in her writing and Alisha for being a super star learner and very organised.

Our well done for Friday 15th Sept was Loui for always trying his best and Daanish & Ella-Paige for their super results in all maths tests and taking risks. 

Our well done for 22nd Sept was Paisley for her super attitude to her work and Freddie for being a super star learner and great leader in IPC.

Our well done for 28th Sept was Noor for being a patient and caring friend, and Chloe for her wonderful homework about her family tree.

Our well done for 6th Oct was Charlie for her ALWAYS trying her best and always doing the right thing, and  Alfie for his wonderful maths work and great kindness to others.

The star learners for Friday 13th October were; Alfie M, Alfie T, Rhys  and Grace for their super Autumn poem, and Mia for her wonderful writing.

The Star learner for Friday 20th October was Abigail for her beautifully presented work . The star learners were also Lacey and Lily W for their super test results in all Maths Tests and their wonderful work.