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Star Learners



Amelia - Friday 3rd November- for a wonderful collage of the Eiffel tower.

Niall - Friday 10th November- Super phonics work and always trying hard.

Hollie - Friday 17th November- Always sitting sensibly, doing the right thing and being a kind friend.

Zoya - Friday 24th November- Making an amazing clay house for the 3 little pigs

Olivia - Friday 8th December- Always being a super star and amazing writing.

Casey - Friday 12th January- Great writing about what she would see through her binoculars at the South pole.

Oma -  Friday 19th January- Good behaviour in class always

James -  Friday 26th January- Making good choices when playing with his friends.

Jaxon -  Friday 2nd February- Good sound work in RWI

Riley -  Friday 9th February- Improved behaviour in the classroom. 

Gurkaran- Friday 29th March- Good reading.

Christopher - Friday 23rd March- Super reading.

Harry - Friday 20th April- super writing

Sam- Friday 20th April- super writing

Evie Mae- Friday 27th April Always- doing her best and being a super star

Oscar- Friday 27th April - great improvements in reading

Ryan - Friday 4th May- Great questions for our visitors

Tiah - Friday 4th May- amazing collage of a zoo keeper.



Cailan - Friday 12th January - Always kind and helpful with all children and staff. Super role model. 

Alisa - Friday 19th January -  Super effort with writing. Writing sentences independently sounding out all the words.

Yusuf - Friday 2nd February - Making super effort in RWI and attending school everyday for the week.

Annie  - Friday 9th February- Always kind and helpful in class

Elizabeth - Friday 23rd February - Joining in class discussions and general improvement in class

Noah - Friday 23rd March - Improvement in behaviour

Ilia - Thursday 29th March - Super progress in his writing

Jacob - Friday 20th April - Independently writing sentences in provision

Shagufta - Friday 20th April - Writing independently in class

Evan - Friday 27th April - Sounding out words in sentences and taking care with his writing

Daniel - Friday 27th April - Amazing progress in his writing

Kiyan - Friday 4th May - Trying really hard in RWI

Sevastian - Friday 4th May - Writing sentences independently and extending them