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Reception: RP

Welcome to 

Reception Class RP

We would like to welcome all our new children and their families to Reception class at Home Farm Primary School.


Meet the Foundation Stage Team

There are two Reception classes that work alongside each other.

Class RP –    Miss Parveen (Class teacher)

                           Mrs Lee  (Nursery Nurse Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri) Mrs Baron (Teaching assistant Wed))



Class RC - Mrs Clarke (Class teacher Mon-Thur)

                          Miss Bennett (Class teacher Fri)

                          Mrs Halliday (Teaching assistant)

                          Mrs Vesely (Teaching assistant) 




End of Reception assessment



Our topic is based around the story Jack and the beanstalk as well as the general theme of book week. The role play area will change to a library, there will be dressing up costumes of book characters, story writing, book reviews and much more.



Early Learning Goals


There are 17 areas of development that your child will be assessed against at the end of the school year. Children will be given a score of 1, 2, or 3 in each area of development. 1= working BELOW age related expectations (emerging), 2= Working AT age related expectations (Expected) and 3= Working ABOVE age related expectations (Exceeding). Children need to get a 2 or 3 in the first 12 out of the 17 areas of development to get a ‘Good Level of Development’ at the end of the year.




Reading books: Please can you listen to your child read at home and talk about the book with them. Please leave a comment in the yellow reading record to let us know how they are doing. We change books on Tuesday but will collect them in on a Monday if they are returned.


Weekend books: These are given out on Friday's, please return these before Thursday so we have time to share your child's weekend news. Please encourage your child to try to write words and sentences independently.


RWI sheets: Please help your child to practice letter formation on the sheets sent home. These do not need to be returned to school unless requested to do so.


MMS: The newsletters will inform you of the objectives in MMS each week and give you suggestions for activities your child can do at home. Children do not need to record anything or bring anything to school for this unless it has been requested.


Numeracy passports:  Please help your child practice their passport targets at home. If they have passed their targets when you have tested them please let us know so we can test them in school and move them on to the next passport.



There will be a parent drop-in held every Wednesday in the Reception class for parents to come in to look at learning journals and talk about children's progress and development.  Parents are welcome to come in through the reception class doors at 3.15-3.30.


In the morning children are asked to line up behind the yellow lines in their classes. Teachers will be out from 8.45; if you need to discuss anything with us please do so at this time, however we will take the children into class promptly at 8.50 so if you have anything to discuss which may require more time then please feel free to see us after school.

The main Reception doors will not be opened once they are closed, if you have older siblings to drop off then you can drop your child off at RP's door. If you do not have other children then please take your child to the main entrance.

Days to remember


PE: Tuesday afternoon.


Reading books changing: Tuesday (no need to bring reading books every day in reception) Please write a comment or sign the reading record book and bring this to school with the reading book.


Weekend book: Monday - Thursday. This will  be given back out on Friday.


Polite requests

If you have any spare/old articles of school clothing and underwear it would be very much appreciated if you could donate these to our reception unit.

If your child borrows an article of clothing please wash and return this to school as soon as possible.


There is still a lot of clothing without names on, please ensure ALL articles of clothing (including coats, hats, scarves etc) Have your child's name in it.