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The class web page is a great place to come to for information about what is going on in class.

It also explains what things you need to be doing, both at home and at school to get the best out of your time in Nursery.


Meet the Team


Mrs Kemple - Class Teacher        

Mrs Cutter - Nursery Nurse      

Miss Noon - Teaching Assistant

Miss Schofield- Support Assistant 



Key Information 


Nursery Session Times-

Apple Group

  Start time Doors open for pick up Session ends
Monday 8.45am 3.10pm 3.20pm
Tuesday 8.45am 3.10pm 3.20pm
Wednesday 8.45am 11.35am 11.45am


Pear Group

  Start time Doors open for pick up Session ends
Wednesday 12.30pm 3.10pm 3.20pm
Thursday 8.45am 3.10pm 3.20pm
Friday  8.45am 3.10pm 3.20pm 


Full time hours are Monday to Friday 8.45am-3.20pm 



Children can bring a packed lunch or pay for a school dinner. The price for dinner is £1.45 a day. 



As part of our routine we have a daily snack. The children have fruit and milk everyday except on a Wednesday, when they have a snack related to the topic each week with milk. We ask for a voluntary contribution of £2.00 each half term. This will also help towards baking activities. 

Image result for school milk carton photo            Image result for fruit bowl


What to Wear

Nursery children are not required to wear school uniform although it is available from the school office if you would like to purchase it. We would encourage you to dress your child in comfortable clothes.

It is helpful if children are able to manage the buttons and zips on trousers so that they are able to go to the toilet independently. 

We always encourage children to wear an apron during 'messy' and 'wet' play but accidents do happen. Please make sure that your child always has a set of spare clothes at Nursery. We provide a pump bag for every child on their peg. 

Image result for library book trolley

Library Books

We have our own Nursery library and all children are encouraged to borrow a book to take home and share with you once a week. Please look after the books and return them back to Nursery in the plastic wallets provided.

Apple Group and Full time children -Tuesdays

Pear Group- Fridays







The Learning Environment
Picture 1
Picture 2

Mark-making area

Mark-making area 1
Mark-making area 2

Phonics area

Phonics area 1
Phonics area 2
Phonics area 3
Phonics area 4

Maths area

Maths area 1
Maths area 2
Maths area 3
Maths area 4
Maths area 5

Construction area

Construction area 1
Construction area 2

Busy Fingers area

Busy Fingers area 1
Busy Fingers area 2
Busy Fingers area 3
Busy Fingers area 4

Messy/Creative area

Messy/Creative area 1

Paint Mixing area

Paint Mixing area 1

Explore and Investigation area

Explore and Investigation area 1
Explore and Investigation area 2
Explore and Investigation area 3

Dough/Malleable area

Dough/Malleable area 1
Dough/Malleable area 2

Water area

Water area 1
Water area 2

Sand area

Sand area 1
Sand area 2
Sand area 3
Sand area 4

Home corner

Home corner 1
Home corner 2

Role-Play area

Role-Play area 1
Role-Play area 2
Role-Play area 3
Role-Play area 4
Role-Play area 5

Light box

Light box 1
Light box 2
Light box 3
Light box 4
Light box 5
Light box 6

Small World area

Small World area 1
Small World area 2
Small World area 3
Small World area 4

Nursery's Behaviour Chart

Nursery's Behaviour Chart 1

The Outdoor Environment

The Outdoor Environment 1
The Outdoor Environment 2
The Outdoor Environment 3
The Outdoor Environment 4
The Outdoor Environment 5
The Outdoor Environment 6
The Outdoor Environment 7
The Outdoor Environment 8
The Outdoor Environment 9
The Outdoor Environment 10
The Outdoor Environment 11
The Outdoor Environment 12
The Outdoor Environment 13
The Outdoor Environment 14
The Outdoor Environment 15
The Outdoor Environment 16
The Outdoor Environment 17
The Outdoor Environment 18
The Outdoor Environment 19
The Outdoor Environment 20
The Outdoor Environment 21
The Outdoor Environment 22
The Outdoor Environment 23
The Outdoor Environment 24
The Outdoor Environment 25

Teaching letter sounds in Nursery

Teaching letter sounds in Nursery 1
Teaching letter sounds in Nursery 2
Teaching letter sounds in Nursery 3

Information about Numeracy Passports

Information about Numeracy Passports 1