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Welcome to 4M

Miss McKay and Mrs McAndrew 

In year 4 we will be learning all about some new and exciting topics. 

Our first topic is Brainwave, we have begun by trying to understand how we learn best. We have looked at different type of learning styles and decided which one we are closest to. 
We then went on a learning walk around school to find out how different areas in our school can help the many different types of learners in our school community. We are really enjoying this topic and we are really interested in finding out about our brain, our job next week is to discover how to keep our brain healthy! 

Later on in the year we will be going back to ancient Egypt to dig around in Temples, Tombs and Treasures. We will then become scientists and we will be investigating How Humans Work and where does all our food go?! After Christmas we will look forward to discovering all corners of the earth in Land, Sea and Sky.
Next up its our trip to Buckden House, for this we become Adventurers and Explorers and take a trip back to when it was rumoured the earth was flat!
Living together
is always a great topic to take part in, learning all about our different communities we belong to with an exciting surprise for the whole family at the end of the topic!
Our final topic will be Chocolate, we dive into this topic using all our senses (taste more that anything!) to discover all that chocolate has to offer. We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and create many wonderful poems all about our favourite sweet! 



This week we began exploring Ancient Egypt, we have been crawling around Egyptian caves discovering lots of hidden tomb paintings. We have also been digging in the desert to uncover some broken fragments of an ancient picture. 
Miss McKay found an ancient artefact in the playground, we studied it in groups and tried to decide where it has come from, what it was used for and who it belonged to! Finally we have found an old code that needs cracking! The code was written in hieroglyphics, we had to crack the code and create our own message. 

Have a look at all our pictures to see us exploring ancient Egypt. 

Our topic has come to and end so we threw an Egyptian Party to celebrate our progress this half term! 

We had lots of fun dressing up, reflecting on our fantastic knowledge and eating loads of brilliant party food!


Thank you to everyone who helped make it a real success! 

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Our new topic is How Humans Work 

We can't wait to start filling up our brand new display with all our fantastic new knowledge, skills and understanding! 

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Today we took part in our curling match for Children in Need. We were a little unsure at first, but soon got the hang of it! 

The sponsorship form and money are both due in on Wednesday 10th of November. 

Thank you to everyone who is sponsoring 4M for our curling! 

Blues kit 

After October half term children will need to be in their blues kit every Monday  (starting from 31.10.2016) for their enrichment activity with Miss Stott.

I have attached the swimming letter that was given out earlier this year, this explains everything you need to know when 4M go swimming. 



Weekly homework sheet - this is a sheet that we give out every Monday and it is to be completed and sent back into school for the following Monday. If your child has lost their sheet it will be uploaded here every week to be looked at or printed out at home! - The more homework sheets we bring in, the bigger and more impressive our  personal homework files will look. Its time to show off our knowledge and understanding




As part of our weekly homework tasks we have 10 spelling, 5 of these words are taken from the National Curriculum of the year 3/4 spelling list the other 5 words are words that are commonly mispelt in our writing throughout the week. Some words may appear more than once throughout the year, this is just to make sure our spellings skills are as strong as they can be! 
I have attached the Year 3/4 spelling list from the National Curriculum below.