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Please note, PE is on MONDAY from now until the Spring Bank Holiday, so please wear blues on Monday. Thank you

Sharing the books we have written, on World Book Day.

Current IPC Unit - Active Planet


During this geography themed unit the children will be learning about natural disasters.  We will investigate volcanoes, tsunamis and eathquakes.  

Previously children have loved this topic and have really got involved with the homework activities. As usual the new list of homework activities is attached below in case the one we send home goes missing!


At the end of this unit we will be holding a gallery to show off all our work.  We will let you know the date and time as soon as we know when it will be. We look forward to seeing you there.

Current homework sheet



Thank you to everyone who is sending back their completed homework sheets. Remember if you do not have access to a computer at home for the RM easimaths, your child can join a before or after school club, just ask at the office.



Each week the children are given 7 spellings to learn. These spellings will be typed onto the weekly homework sheet and will be different each week.  The spellings, and the spelling patterns chosen will be taken from the year 3 and 4 100 words list.  These are words that children should be able to spell and use confidently in their speech and writing by the end of year 4.  There may also be some words that are commonly misspelled or tricky words the children have encountered recently.


They will now be tested on these words. They will be tested on the previous week's words on a Monday.

Spellings for Spring term 2

27.02.17 fruit heart natural although went bent sent


6.03.17 actual accident regular perhaps here there where


13.03.17 naughty caught thought brought they them their


20.03.17 potatoes mention station position friend mend Friday


27.03.17 sentence decide notice recent who what when

Spring term 1

wb 30.01.17    23.01.17            16.01.17        9.01.17

complete         library             length           eight

consider          island              strength       weight

important        various            increase        height

particular        continue          decrease      straight

are                  our                   rain               wear

hare (animal)   hour                 again             where

hair (head)      colour               said              January


Autumn term 2 words

wb 5.12.16  wb 28.11.16  WB 21.11.16  WB 14.11. 16   WB 7.11.16     WB 31.10.16

calendar            possible        surprise        quarter          early            busy

special               strange        interest        question         earth           famous

imagine              possession    promise        arrive             learn            history

thought             popular         remember     enough           heard           often

grown                here             break            half                went             with

groan                hear             brake             saw                when             which

with                  lake              Wednesday   sore                where           who

Autumn term 1 words :

(10.10.16)        3.10. 16    26.09.16        19.09.16           12.09.16          5.09.16     

  • appear           circle        bicycle            group               breath               address
  • disappear      centre     material        through           breathe          knowledge
  • different      century    build              answer          exercise          experiment
  • difficult        certain     guard             believe        favourite        experience
  • there               because    like                 should            what                went
  • their                some         said                would             when               was
  • people            take           look               could               September       saw


Homework sheets are sent home each Monday and should be returned to school the following Monday. The sheet contains sections for reading, rm easi-maths and passports.  They also have a section for recording any extra IPC topic homework (continuous homework). Just in case you lose one, or need a spare I have attached a blank copy of the homework form below.

I have included a copy of the homework sheet in an older version of word so that it should be easier to access!

Blue Kit

Please can the children come in their blue kit on Thursday.   They do not need to change into uniform and should come to school wearing their kit.  This enables the children to spend much more time being active and reduces the time needed for getting changed. The kit should be plain navy blue with a white T shirt and trainers. No logos please. Again, any questions or problems please speak to a member of Year 3 staff.



Before the Summer Holidays we held a "Meet the Teacher" evening where we explained about Year 3 and what would be coming up over the year.  If you were unable to attend - or just need a reminder the power point we used and the leaflet we gave out are attached below.

Reading Books


All the children were allocated a reading book during the first week of starting school.  Children MUST bring it to school every day in their book bag. It should be taken home to read (as part of their homework tasks) but needs to be with them at school so they can read here too, we have half an hour reading time a day.


Children will now be changing their books as soon as they have answered the quiz for that book. This shows that they have read it carefully. It is a good idea to read it a few times to ensure they are able to answer the questions (for shorter books only!) Thank you for your support.


Maths Passports 

Just like in Year 2 each child will have a Maths Passport.  This helps identify the next maths facts your child needs to be learning. Some children in Year 2 flew through their passport targets - which is fab! Although we do work on these at school, children who practise regularly at home do progress faster than others. Please make sure that you are spending the expected time each week practising your targets - information is sent out weekly on the homework sheets. Don't forget to complete the sheet...and hand it in.  And remember, if you're ready for testing, get the sheet signed and we can test you as soon as you are ready.