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The adults that work in our class are:

Mrs Hamilton

Mrs Davis

Miss Taylor and Mrs Coates



                                                            SATS Meeting

      Thank you to all the parents who have returned the reply slips to let us know if they can attend any of the meetings on Monday 13th February.  Please let me know if you can't attend and would like any of the information  from the meeting. Thankyou.

                              Famous People of the Past

 The children have made a great start since returning in January and have made a fantastic start on our new IPC Topic Famous People of the Past. The children will be finding out about Rulers, Artists, Explorers, Inventors and people who have made a significant contribution to our past. The children are really excited and are already doing lots of work at home about the people on our timeline.  We started the topic by asking the children what they thought the word famous meant and the children then chose someone from the past and found out facts about them. 


A reminder that the children will be having a spelling test this half term on the third column of the common exception words that can be found further down the page. Please continue to support your child with this at home it's really appreciated ! At the end of this half term we will be sending a list of the words home they do not know so you can continue to help your child with these spellings. The children continue to make good progress on the Accelerated Reading. Please can you ensure they have their book in every day because we do read every day.  Sweat shirts and cardigans are building up in lost property again so please try to ensure that these are named. Thank you for your continued support.

                                   Children In Need Day

Due to the snow on Friday we didn't get to do all our activities on Children in Need day. The children did enjoy the spotty maths activities in the morning though. We have since finished our stick puppets of Pudsey Bear which the children have taken home. The assembly has now been arranged for Tuesday 29th November at 2:30 p.m

Picture 1

                            Maths Makes Sense

We are doing measuring in MMS at the moment. We are looking at  capacity, weight and length. The children really enjoyed finding out about capacity.

Picture 1

                              Super Humans

Year 2 have made a great start after the half term break and are working very hard. We are well underway with our Super Human Topic and the children are enjoying learning about how their bodies work. We are also learning about what makes a healthy diet, our senses and the importance of exercise. Take a look at some of the things we got up to in our opening ceremony.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
 Year 2 will be holding their Exit ceremony for The Magic Toy maker on Thursday 10th November from 2:45 pm.The children have done some fabulous work to show you . We do hope you can join us.

The Magic Toy maker

Tony the Toy maker needed our help! So we transformed our classroom into a magical workshop and designed many beautiful toys that all children will love to play with.

Come and see what we got up to :


Happy Birthday Home Farm!


Image result for ten birthday cake

To celebrate Home Farm Primary Schools ten year anniversary, we had lots of fun with the number ten all day! Have a look at what we got up to when we celebrated this joyous occasion!

Common Exception Words List:

Please find below a copy of the common exception words list for year 2 pupils.  During the last week of each half term the children will have a spelling quiz of 20 random words taken from the list to see how many they can remember and spell. Can they be a Superstar Speller?

door          class          clothes

floor          grass         busy

poor          pass          people

because    plant         water

find            path          again

kind           bath          half

mind          hour          money

behind       move         Mr

child          prove         Mrs

children                       parents













Maths Passports

Children have come to year 2 having made excellent progress and moving through their passport targets quickly. To ensure this continues this year, please can you spend the expected time each week practicing passport targets and don't forget to let us know on the homework sheets when your child is ready to be tested. 


For further information regarding your child's Maths Passports please see the passport section of the website. 

Reading Books

 2H change reading books on a Monday  can you please ensure that your children bring their book bags to school so the can change their books weekly. 

Any problems please inform the class the class teacher. frown

Image result for reading books


PE for year 2 is on a Thursday. Can you make sure that your child’s kit is labelled. Please can you also provide your child with a water bottle as we do encourage the children to drink through the day.



Homework sheets are handed out on a Monday and expected to be returned the following Monday. If you have any problems completing the sheet please let us know and we are more than happy to assist.


Thank you for your continued support