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Star Learners

2A's Star learners:

08.09.17                    Mayundo for being a star learner and a great role model for her peers.

15.09.17                    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

22.09.17                    Olly for adopting a positive attitude towards his work and making the right choices.

29.09.17                    Imogen for being an enthusiastic learner and putting 100% effort into everything she does!

06.10.17                    Beau for being a patient learner and creating some intricate artwork. 

13.10.17                    Aleena for being a good friend and always making the right choices.

2H's Star learners:

08.09.17                    Lily for a great start to her year 2 learning journey.

15.09.17                    Aidan for beautiful Art work.       

22.09.17                    Kai for 100% effort in everything.      

29.09.17                    Ayra for fantastic work all week and a role model for others.

06.10.17                    Layla and Jayden for great partner work during Art.

13.10.17                    Alexie for a beautiful design for the toymaker's hat