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The class web page is a great place to come to for information about what is going on in class. It also

explains what things you need to be doing, both at home and at school to get the best out of your time in Reception.


The page is updated each week with new newsletters, homework tasks etc. You can also find out about our current topics, see photos of things we've done and reminders - such as important dates.


Keep checking back regularly and any questions please see one of the Reception team. Here's to a great year!


Staff Members:


RP:  Miss Parveen - Class Teacher                                RC:  Mrs Clarke / Mrs Bennett - Class Teacher

          Mrs Halliday - Teaching Assistant                                    Miss Taylor - Teaching Assistant




Key Information about Class Routines:

  • School starts at 8.50am and children should enter school via the Reception classroom sliding door.
  • Reception will have PE on Tuesdays and should ensure they have their PE kit in their school pumpbag.
  • Reading books will be changed each Tuesday, any lost books will incur a £5 charge.
  • Homework will consist of completing a sound book for the first term, a weekend book for the second term and maths or literacy based homework sheets for the third term. This will be given out on a Friday and should be returned any time before Thursday the following week.


Key Dates for Reception:


Tuesday 2nd January - School re-opens 

Monday 5th February - Friday 9th February - E-Safety Week

Friday 9th February - School closes for half term

Monday 19th February - School re- opens


Current Topic: Lost and Found/ Arctic Animals/ Winter

Start date: (02/01/18)

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and ready for the New Year. Our topic for the next few weeks will be looking a story called "Lost and Found" which is about a boy who found a penguin at his door as he was lost and needs to return him to his home in the South Pole safely. We will be learning about how the penguin would have been feeling being away from home during circle time, creating missing penguin posters, and writing about what we would pack with us to take to the South Pole.


In class we are going to have an Igloo as a place to stay for the boy in the lost and found as well as a small world area set up as a scene from the story for the children to act out the story. We will be making igloos out of play dough as well as boats for the boy and the penguin to travel in. We also will be making our own shaped penguin using the shapes we have learnt last half term to build a penguin. 


We are also looking at Arctic animals this half term. This includes having an Arctic scene set up on our light panel with small world play animals, igloos and fake snow. We will have frozen Arctic animals in ice bowls for the children to dig out and identify which Arctic animals they have found.


Our final topic for this half term is Winter. We are going to have a Winter house which includes items of clothing for the children to dress up in which they would wear in Winter. This includes hats, scarves, gloves, jumpers, mittens and wellies. The children can also make food which we eat to keep warm such as soup and hot chocolate to drink. 


We hope you enjoy this busy term and the children have lots of fun over the next few week. 



 In Maths we have been learning about 2D shapes, naming them and describing their features such as how many sides and corners a shape has. We have already learnt about squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. The shapes we are going to learn about are oval, pentagon, hexagon and rhombus. We will be sorting and matching shapes by counting the number of sides and corners. We will be searching for shapes in the environment both indoors and outdoors and sorting into different categories. 




We will be re-telling and acting out the Lost and Found story using picture cards, story boards and stick puppets. We will also be writing instructions on how to make hot chocolate and what we would pack in our suitcase to take to the South Pole. We will also be making a missing penguin poster from the story and writing about what clothes we need to wear to stay warm in Winter. We also have lots of books to look our related to our topics including Winter stories, Arctic animals and the Lost and Found story book. 





Previous Topic: Christmas

Start date: (04/12/17)

Our topic until Christmas was based around the festive season. The children learnt about the Christmas nativity story and how Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. They learnt about other customs and celebrations of Christians over Christmas and sharing their own family traditions and customs. 

In class we had Santa's workshop role play where children became Elves or Mr and Mrs Clause as they make toys, wrap presents, write price tags and lists of children they are sending presents to.

In mark making children we wrote letters to Santa to take to the role play. We also made a storyboard of the Nativity story as well as many other fun Christmas writing activities.

In the messy/junk modelling area we made Christmas decorations to brighten up our classroom, making penguins, angels, stars, snowflakes, Christmas cards and much more.

In construction we created the stable for Mary and Joseph using different building materials.