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Last update: (27/3/18)


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The class web page is a great place to come to for information about what is going on in class. It also

explains what things you need to be doing, both at home and at school to get the best out of your time in Reception.


The page is updated each week with new newsletters, homework tasks etc. You can also find out about our current topics, see photos of things we've done and reminders - such as important dates.


Keep checking back regularly and any questions please see one of the Reception team. Here's to a great year!


Staff Members:


RP:  Miss Parveen - Class Teacher                                RC:  Mrs Clarke / Mrs Bennett - Class Teacher

          Mrs Halliday - Teaching Assistant                                    Miss Taylor - Teaching Assistant


          Mrs Hodgson - Support Assistant                                        Mrs Ogden - Support Assistant



Key Information about Class Routines:

  • School starts at 8.50am and children should enter school via the Reception classroom sliding door.
  • Reception will have PE on Tuesdays and should ensure they have their PE kit in their school pumpbag.
  • Reading books will be changed each Tuesday, any lost books will incur a £5 charge.
  • Homework will consist of completing a sound book for the first term, a weekend book for the second term and maths or literacy based homework sheets for the third term. This will be given out on a Friday and should be returned any time before Thursday the following week.


Key Dates for Reception:



Thursday 29th March- School closes for Easter

Monday 16th April - School re-opens 


News: Miss Parveen is getting married and will be Mrs Usman after the holidays.


Current Topic: Easter and Spring

Start date: (26/03/18)


Our new topic this week is Easter and Spring. We are learning about the Christian celebration and the Easter story as well as sharing customs and traditions at this time. We will also be learning about Spring and the new life of plants and baby animals that come during this season. We will be continuing this topic after holiday..



After the holiday we will be adding 1/2 in a maths story by using half cups and then swapping two halves for a whole cup.



We are encouraging the children to write in full sentences. This includes giving the child a prop to encourage writing as well as word mats and writing frames. Adults will be delivering a guided writing session which teaches the children about sounding out words, remembering capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and using these skills in their own work.

Our writing tasks are to write about what we enjoy at Easter as well as designing an Easter egg and writing a description of it.


When writing with your child at home please encourage them to write in sentences and support them to sound out words independently, it is fine if their spelling is not all correct as long as they have tried to do it themselves. Please remind them to use finger spaces to separate words. We would be grateful if you could share with us any work your child has done at home and we will add this to their learning journal.


Previous Topic: 

Super heroes

Start date: (12/03/18)


Our new topic is all about superheroes. We decided to go with this theme as the children have expressed an interest in imaginative play acting as superheroes and talking about their favourite super hero etc. The role play area is now a super hero headquarters which they have thoroughly enjoyed this week! We will be linking this topic to learning about people who help us and different job roles as well as thinking about our own heroes in our family.

We are encouraging the children to challenge themselves and complete tasks when playing in different areas of the classroom, for example, in the role play there are record sheets to write about their mission and log books to write down calls of help they have received. Please could you talk to your child about what they have done at school and encourage them to try to complete the challenges which they can then tell you about later