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Maths Passports



The passports are BACK!

Come and join us on our journey across the world?  

The Maths Passports are now back with a complete makeover and ready to challenge your child! 


The Maths Passports are a strategy used for improving children's mental maths skills. These have now been updated and are in line with the changes in the new National Curriculum expectations. 


Each child (from Nursery through to Year 6) has been allocated a passport with a series of targets set out in continents. These targets get progressively more challenging as children move through the school. The passports help track progression in basic number skills and will help your children develop instant recall skills in all the objectives. All passports are adapted to meet the individual needs of children, which will allow them to progress through the passports at their own pace. The aim is to complete all passports at the latest by year 6. 


Your involvement as a parent:

The most important thing for you to do is to TALK and LISTEN to your child about what they know about their Maths Passport Targets. Ask your child to show you something they have learned or are practising in Maths that supports their target work. We would like you to spend a few minutes each evening practising your child's passport skills with them. This could be in the car, at teatime, in the bath, before bed... anytime! It does not need to be a formal, sit down session.


Should you have any queries regarding the Passports, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or myself (Ms Ahmed). 


For further information on passport targets and supporting activities, please speak to your child's class teacher. 



Frequently asked questions:


Where can I do the passport activities with my child?

Anywhere! In the car, out and about, at the supermarket or at home. Most activities can be done through talking with your child.


How often?

Daily for best results.


How long should we do it?

Around 10 minutes will do. Don’t overdo it, as your child may ‘switch off’.


My child is ready to be tested, what do I do?

Please indicate on the weekly homework sheet when you feel your child is ready to be tested. Your child's teacher will then test him/her during that week.


Why don’t you test straight after a practice?

We need to know that the children will remember each target forever!


My child says he was tested and passed, but is still working on this target, why?

We will test until they have passed the target 3 times. These tests will be at least a fortnight apart from one another. Then the target will be ‘signed off’ at school.


How many targets should I work on at once?

This is your choice. You can work on one target or several from the same passport.


Can I help in school?

Yes! We are always on the lookout for help even if you can’t give up much time. Please contact your class teacher if you’re interested.


What would I be expected to do in school?

You would be asked to work with one or two children for 15 minutes on their numeracy passport activities e.g. once a week in the afternoon.


Why isn’t my child writing much down during the activities?

Children need to learn these targets mentally. Writing them down may slow their progress. They will remember them better if this has been done through talk and playing games.


What does the test look like?

Like this!
































The teacher would put some numbers in the middle column (see above). For example, this one could be used to test the 2x table. Your child would then start at the top and fill in as many answers in the empty column on one side (left hander to the left side and right handers to the right side – so they can see the middle numbers!)

Your child will be timed. If they complete the sheet correctly in 30 seconds or less they will receive the first signing of their passport. They will then get tested approximately 2 weeks later.  Once  the target has been signed 3 times, it will be ‘signed off’.


How does my child move to the next passport?

Once all their targets have been signed off, they will do a mixed test of all their passport targets. Older children will do the mixed test with Mr MacDonald. 

     Why? This will ensure that they have REALLY learnt them by heart!